Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Menu Planning For The Everyday Mom (and how it helped me spend more time with my family!)

OH-EM-GEE!!! You guys... I am so excited for this new year! I literally have nothing exciting planned but there is something about a "fresh start" that is just so uplifting. I normally don't think much about it or making a resolution but for some reason I feel different this year. I am also excited to get back to posting on here. It is so crazy how much we hold ourselves back. I say I want to post more yet when I have the chance to I think of all the other things I could be doing. Not sure how many of you reading this are "creatives", but let me tell you, if you are and you don't take the time to create..... YOU GO CRAZY! 😂 So, this is my time to create... and share with all of you! *hugs*

 Anywho... I am back to meal planning and I am pumped about it. (Imagine me with my fist in the air because that's basically what I just did there) How many of you sit down and plan out meals? Let me tell you, when I started it seemed impossible. Funny, its not. I just make a list of our favorites, shop for said fave meals, assign meals to a day, and cook. Oh, and repeat. Pinterest obviously is a great way to mix in some new meals. After doing this for about 2 years I basically know how much things cost off the top of my head, what my family won't eat, and how much of each meal to make so we don't waste. 

You can get to that point too, I promise! All it takes is a little planning on your lunch break, during nap time, or while watching your favorite show in the evening. Grab a pen and paper (or use your notes app on your phone) and think of 4-5 things you want to make this week. Take that list into the kitchen with you during the commercial break and look through your cabinets to see what you already have to make those meals. I bet you probably have most of the items already if they are meals you make often. Flip over your list of meals and jot down what you need to grab from the store, then put that list in your purse, wallet, coat, car... somewhere you won't forget it. (Because lets be honest that's a huge reason why we don't stick to the script... we don't have one lol) 

Once you get your shopping done take a few minutes to look through your calendar. Is there a day your kids have practice right after school? Make your crockpot meal that day. Get out of work early every Tuesday? Why not use that day to make the meal that takes a little more work. Know that you hate cooking on Fridays? (Um, like me) Plan to grab a pizza! I never said you had to actually cook everything, silly. The point is to have a plan so you don't do that daily thing where you and your husband go back and forth about "what sounds good". ugh. 

Honestly, this post was actually supposed to be a menu *edits title of this blog post*... but I guess this is now a tutorial to show you just how easy planning meals can be. Now, some amazing benefits to doing this. You save money, and when I save I don't mean you can now cut a million coupons and save $2.42. I mean real money. Why? Because you're not buying things you don't need. No doubles of mustard because you checked the cabinets and fridge as you made your list. You can even get brave and check the local ad for the store you shop at to see whats on sale BEFORE you even plan your meals. Boneless chicken breast on sale for 99 cents a pound?! Well, sounds like we're going to have a few meals based around chicken over the next two weeks lol. 

I recently asked my Facebook friends how much they were spending monthly on groceries. I know we don't all eat the same, and our family sizes vary but some with similar families to mine were saying they spend up to $1000 a month. I couldn't even imagine. When we made the decision for me to stay home with the kids I took that job very seriously (and I wanted to be able to keep it 😂). I became a full time manager of our home and money.  If you ask my husband what I do he will 100% say I take "nothing" and make something. I mean I think that statement goes for almost any mom. We take a few ingredients and make a delicious meal. We take some paint and transform a house into a home. I take our grocery budget and stretch it as far as I can. I get some sort of weird joy out if it to be honest lol. 

My kids and husband love knowing whats planned for the week. I post it on our chalkboard wall. They look forward to their favorite dinner while rolling their eyes at their not so favorites haha. BUT, the menu gives them hope. While Mondays meal may not be something they love, Tuesdays might. It also helps my son realize how much we (by "we" I mean me) eat things we don't like because others do like it, but that his favorite will be back in no time. 

 All of that to say... I was sick of store runs everyday after work/school. I was sick of that 7pm scramble that usually ended with me dumping nuggets and fries on a cookie sheet and tossing it in the oven. And, I was sick of eating the same few things because I couldn't think of anything to make while in the store. So, here's to reclaiming those few short hours in the evening with our families. I hope this was helpful or at the very least explained why I love to plan meals. As always, if you have any questions drop a comment or email me! 

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